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you are looking at the aftermath of a horrifying crash. a car filled with high school teenagers looses controls and spins into the path of a semi truck. that is our top story tonight, good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. we will get to that story later on but right now breaking news. it's happening at sfo, a u.s. airplane flight number 432 has just been forced to make an emergency landing. that flight 432 was on its way from phoenix to sfo. we'll have pictures of this story as soon as we get them. back to that deadly crash at happened in nevado today with a bus full of students and a cattle truck.
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tonight one boy is dead and many others are injured. live now in nevado with more, allie rasmus. >> reporter: many students here found out through texts and cell phone messages that one of their classmates had died and four others injured in this accident. they say it was fast enough to cause the driver to lose control as he tried to navigate this curve. the car swerved and ended up backwards into oncoming traffic. >> you see a deep gouge, a grind mark you could say in the path. >> reporter: the semi truck filled with cattle could not stop and swerved. a passenger in the backseat of this car died on impact. two others were air lifted with
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what paramedics described as severe trauma injuries. two students were conscious and were able to walk out. the driver of the truck was not injured. >> he stepped in to help out. how could you not. that really, a very devastating situation to be in in the first place. >> reporter: the accident happened around noon during the school's lunch hour. nevado high school's principal says students are allowed to leave campus for lunch. chp says they don't know yet if alcohol was in the accident, but they did find a couple of open beer containers inside the vehicle. they're not sure yet which of their five friends was the one who did not survive. >> we tried to call their phones just to make sure at first and all the phones are turned off. >> reporter: when i spoke to school administrators a short time ago, we are told that the
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nevado spokesperson is on hand. she is expected to give a statement, we will continue to update you as soon as information comes in. allie rasmus. for the first time in two days a san bruno school was evacuated. about 250 students near the explosion site were taken off campus. it all started when two teachers smelled gas in their classroom. >> we found no leak, earlier this mortgage we did have a power outage. the teacher who smelled the gas was trying to turn on the heater in her classroom. because there was no power heating the unit, the regulator didn't kick in right away, a small amount of gas was immitted into the air and that's what she smelled. >> reporter: the students were sent into the intermediate school and parents rushed to pick up their kids. there's new information
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that the pipe that exploded in san bruno might have been corroding from the inside. the president of the california public utilities commission says it's part of the investigation. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar live now from san bruno with more, tom. >> reporter: gas pipelines and internal liquids that might be in them don't get along very well. question is, did that cause the fire ball here in san bruno. >> reporter: san bruno is not the first deadly massive pipe explosion. ten years ago, another 20-inch pipeline blew up in carlsbad, new mexico. the cause internal gas corrosion and failure. >> liquid inside the pipes can cause corrosion, one of the reasons we're monitoring for that. >> reporter: last year pg & e
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found liquids in some major pipelines. >> the four different transmission lines that run through the area. and immediately when we identified that, we went to the cpuc and requested an opportunity to fix that and correct that which we were able to do. >> reporter: the cpu granted the money needed. >> the problem was fixed in november of 2009 and we have tested it several times and there's no indication of any more liquid on the line. >> reporter: but earlier this week, pg & e said because of the design of the san bruno pipe it could not use robots that run inside the pipe to check for internal corrosion. >> specifically l132 was not a pipe that we could actually put that equipment in. >> reporter: when pressed on what corrosion tests had been done, pg & e is not talking. >> that's part of the ongoing ntsb investigation anything representative to the specific investigation that the ntsb is conducting is not something that we are able to discuss.
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but just up this very same pipeline in neighboring south san francisco, pg & e did identify almost a mile and a half as unexpect high risk. funeral services were held today for a mother and her daughter. both of whom were killed in that pipeline explosion. the words that people used to describe them today pretty much explains why everyone is having so much difficult dealing with their deaths. ktvu's christien kafton is live tonight in san francisco with our report. >> reporter: st. cecilia church is now empty but early this morning, the crowd spilled out.
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mourners gathered hours before services got under way. friends and family chose mariachi music to celebrate the lives of jackie and janissa gray. today jackie's lifelong friends say they are staying strong for jackie's husband james and helder daughter gabby in remembers a woman who was like a sister to them. >> jackie was one of our five that we've always done everything together. we were family, we vacationed together, we celebrated everything together. and they'll be deeply missed. >> reporter: friends say jackie's life was defined by her family. >> she was an amazing woman. intelligent, funny, whitty, kind, and she was a wonderful mom. >> reporter: the church played a central role of jackie and jenessa today more than a thousand mourners filled the
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pews. among them classmates of janessa. she was her student class president and a friend to just about everyone who knew her. >> she was super nice. she never had a bad thing to say about anyone. >> reporter: friends and family remember a creative girl, her poetry lives on and a young writers voice silenced too soon. >> reporter: a memorial fund has been set up for the family on bank of the west where we're live right now. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. in just about two hours, a second vigil will be held for morales. friends and family joined at a park to remember her. she was watching football with her boyfriend when the
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explosion happened killing her instantly. he was seriously burned but will survived. a funeral will be held in her honor tomorrow at church of the heights tomorrow. and you can find more information on the fire in san bruno on we are continuing breaking news happening. the u.s. air flight that we were told was in trouble has just landed. the flight is number 432. the plane was on its way from phoenix to hawaii when there were reports of smoke in the cabin. as we look at the picture here of what's happening, you can see there is two appears emergency vehicles near the plane making their way to the plane to check out the report and see what if anything is wrong. we were talking about flight number 432 which took off late this afternoon from phoenix headed to hawaii. and has made an emergency stop at sfo because of reports of
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smoke in the cabin. news chopper two is over the scene here, we have a crew headed to the scene to see what exactly is wrong and to give you an update as soon as we get it here. meanwhile, it happened again just last night. a woman was raped at an apartment complex near walnut creek. it's the fourth time that it has happened and police already have a suspect in custody. >> reporter: residents are on high alert. this after they were warned of the incidents happening. >> i am very concerned. i don't want to be here anymore. my kids don't want to be here, i don't want to be here, i'm done. >> reporter: for the second time in a month, a woman was
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attacked. the latest victim was sexually assaulted by a man as she went into her home. >> she was going into her apartment, as she was opening the door, someone forced her in. >> reporter: deputies say mutan is responsible on three attacks on women here. law enforcement officials say mutan's dna matched that of a woman they say he raped. those who know mutan well say deputies have some explaining to do. >> i don't know how you can accuse somebody, you have the same exact crime committed in the same building. >> reporter: deputies say mutan's crime is in no way linked to yesterday's assault. residents say to them everybody is a suspect. >> they should look into every single person. and the employees as well.
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here's a description of the suspect as you can see. it's described as a white male, 20 to 30 years of age, he was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. former president bill clinton will campaign for brown next month. this comes after the two men buried the hatchet in a long feud. brown's opponent for governor meg whitman is running an ad that shows clinton in the 1992 presidential campaign criticizing brown's record. sarah palin ran for president in 2012. that's the question that seems to be swirling around these days. tonight white house spokesman
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robert gibbs says he thinks palin's speech tonight is part of testing the presidential waters. >> president obama about this time in 2006 did -- i think what would be considered some what an alagus event, that's my guess is she's going to dip that toe in. >> gibbs said that palin might be the most formittable foe to face president obama two years from now. >> she doesn't really feel completely free because shane and josh are still there. >> reporter: she's the aunt of sarah shourd and she speaks for the first time about sarah shourd's release. her nieces health and her greatest hope. we're looking at storm tracker 2. rain will impact part of your weekend, i'll tell you which day will be the wettest. u owi stgoth n csechkint al?ye cckhiou
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the uc berkeley graduate just freed after spending more than a year in an iranian prison. she's still adjusting to freedom while her friend and fiance are still behind bars overseas. today rita williams spoke to shourd's aunt. >> reporter: it's the first time she's spoke since she was
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released from an iranian prison. >> reporter: carol shandis showed me an unconventional bridal veil she's been making for her niece. >> it's a little unusual but she's unusual. it helps me look at it and continue this joyous feeling and knowing she and shane are going to get married. >> reporter: then reality sets in because no one knows when that will be. josh pattal and shane bouer are
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still in iran. >> she sounded so good. i mean i really didn't expect her to sound that good. but she also said that she doesn't -- really feel completely free because shane and josh were still there. she feels incomplete that was her word until they get out. >> reporter: sandis kept tempering her unbridled joy with caution. yes sarah will be returning to the united states soon, yes sarah has seen a doctor. then the aunt returns to the shine she began a year ago. >> the three of them are a unit, so the candles are going to stay burning all three of them until shane and josh are released. >> reporter: now the family still hopes iran's president will bring the other two americans with them when he comes to the united nations to
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speak next week. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. health officials say an elderly fresno woman died this year from west nile virus. no human infections have been reported in the bay area although there's been several reports of infected animals. san francisco, marin, sonoma and napa county have been free of west nile infestations this year. still you need to protect yourself just in case. to avoid mosquitoes, stay indoors at dawn and dusk. wear insect repellents containing deet. report any dead birds and drain any stagnant watertoo keep
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mosquitoes from spreading. warning buoys in the ocean need to be upgraded to provide timely warnings to those in the past of the tsunami. and now back to the weather center. i thought it was going to start raining today, it was overcast all day. >> we did call for sprinkles and drizzle and that's what we got. now we're ready for the next wave. look at the rain, the pacific northwest. this is the last weekend of summer and you don't expect to see this type of weather. real quick, pacifica still drizzle out there. san francisco out at ocean beach we've had reports of a little bit of drizzle as well. that's fog now, we have low
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clouds as well. we have a lot of fog in daily city. i suspect drizzle and rock away beach and in daily city and in san francisco for the next couple of hours. here is how it goes. today it was a little cooler. the cloud cover came in. it was muggy out there. temperatures today warmer than you would guess. it was 78, 79 degrees in santa rosa. tomorrow we've got more drizzle in the forecast as we go into the morning hours, then sunday we've got showers. so right now you're best bet in the weekend is going to be saturday for outdoor activities. sunday looks like there's going to be some showers. we'll talk about that. but saturday morning when you wake up there's clouds everywhere. there's some fog and then clouds. temperatures in the upper 50s. those are mild overnight low, the temperatures as we move through the next couple of days are going to come down because of this weather system right here. it's impressive isn't it. the dynamics and strength is up here. that's where the rain is. but we won't start to see
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rainfalling in the bay area until sunday. the clouds will increase, we will see a slight chance of a sprinkle, drizzle event but it's not a big deal. and this deal on sunday isn't a big deal but it's unusual considering it's still summer. i'm going to show you this computer model and where it puts the rain, saturday, sunday so you can plan your weekend, i'll see you back here. we'll see you then, thank you bill. boeing is the latest company now to enter the space tourism business. the company announced this week that it is partnering with space adventures of virginia to sell seats on it's space vehicle. boeing plans to take astronauts to the international space station by 2015 and to a proposed private space station built by bigolow air space of las vegas. richard branson is expected to be the first to offer regular space tours next year. a milestone tonight, what
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bp is doing at the scene of that gulf oil spill and what it means. find out what the bay area's tunnel project tops the list released today. the connection between air pollution and heart attacks. we'll explain when we come back. new at 6:00, we're looking into another bay area neighborhood with a high risk pipeline. what some say is getting in the way of preventing a disaster similar to the san bruno explosion. plus -- >> reporter: an francisco restaurant workers call for a massive overhaul in the way they are living. many live in extremely tight quarters in places like this. more details on the accident involving five bay area high school students. and an explanation that might reveal what went wrong. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause co and even death. thbut there's an enamba can. deadlier predator cigarettes, produced by big tobacco, which take a life every six pot five seconds. don't be big tobacco's next victim.
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bp began bumping cement into the blown out oil rig from a relief well that intersected if damage well yesterday. bp expects to finish these so
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called bottom kill of the well tomorrow ending a year ordeal. the white house tried to stem criticism that its stimulus bill was not effective. it released several projects, the expansion of the condecut tunnel came in number five on that list. >> the idea that we can help to alleviate the congestion there with this project is really important both for the standards of living of those hundreds of thousands of people passing through that infrastructure every day but also for the growth and the commerce in those communities. >> critics say that with unemployment still near 10%, the stimulus should have done more. among the other bay area projects, the white house is listing among it's top 100 stimulus projects is number 30. $8.7million to abide
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international. that money is being used for road construction including one project in nevada county. number 37, helping pay for the seismic retrofit on the bay bridge. number 74, putting electric vehicle charging stations in san jose and number 79, flood prevention projects in san jose. critics on the other hand point to one project in los angeles that cost $111 million to produce 55 jobs a cost of more than $2 million per job. air pollution may raise the risk of a heart attack even when it's below acceptable levels accept by the epa. jewish medical research center found that tiny droplets increased the risk of heart attack by 10% per every cubic meter of air. standards is set at 35 micrograms which would increase
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the risk by 13%. the abuse case against a catholic priest is growing tonight. and lawmakers expressed optimism that a budget deal would be reached today. but, they just set a record that is nothing to be proud of.
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>> we're working hard. that's what the leader of the state senate is saying about the budget. there are probably a lot of people who would disagree with his statement. top lawmakers did meet today to discuss the budget but when the
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meeting was over they literally snuck out the back. ken pritchett is live with our report. >> reporter: it is official, lawmakers will pass the longest overdue budget in california history. but when? there is no budget deal and any deal that a deal would be reached today or this weekend, that hope is now gone. this morning, the governor was welcomed with applause as he rewarded california schools and students for achievements in physical fitness as he left the event -- >> we have some budget questions. >> reporter: he had nothing to say about the budget talks, essentially the theme of the day. democratic leaders entered the room today for negotiations. >> we're working hard. >> reporter: after two hours, the meeting ended and legislative leaders slipped out the back way, saying nothing to
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reporters. the optimism of yesterday was not on display. lawmakers are at heads, republicans refuse to consider higher taxes. with no progress to report, the cameras of the press gave way to tourists outside the governor's door. and the budget clock now at 79 days will drag into the 80s before a deal is done. the senate presidents's office did say there was no development of note. talks resume monday morning. in sacramento, ken pritchett, ktvu channel two news. an audit of employee travel expenses shows 40% did not comply with city policies. the audit found missing reseat, calculation errors totaling
5:33 pm
$125,000. palo alto needs stricter oversight and stronger control in the handling of cash. >> a brush fire threatened a home early this morning in bay point. it started shortly after 4:00 this morning at a park. crews put the fire out in about 20 minutes but not before it burned two acres of brush. investigators still don't know how the fire started but witnesses say they did spot several homeless people who were running from the scene. it was a narrow escape today for a palo alto family, fire ripped through a multi million dollars home this morning and the forced evacuation of nine other homes near by. kraig debro has our report from palo alto. >> reporter: the home may not be a total loss but it feels like to the owner. >> nothing like this has ever happened to me before, and now we have to figure out what to do next. >> reporter: the home is 92 years old but it took five minutes for the fire to do this. the homeowner's son says
5:34 pm
something darted him out of bed this morning. >> seemed like something was -- >> reporter: doug's mother, father and 91-year-old grandmother visiting from new york then fled the house with just the clothes on their house. >> fire crews say the fire started on that second floor right there. they went into the house to try to put it out, but once they were inside the room the power lines just outside the window began arching. crews describe the lines movement as a fish out of water and dangerous enough to force a change of tactics. >> it was a hazardous situation for our crews. we pulled out. >> reporter: the crews came out from minlow and santa clara
5:35 pm
county, they prevented the fire from spreading to any other homes and there were no reports of injuries. the cause of the fire is under investigation. but one of the women says one of the sons uses candles. >> he usually puts it out. but he might have thought it was out and was smoldering. >> reporter: the estimated damages here start with the price of the home and go up from there. in palo alto, kraig debro, ktvu. san francisco's texting laws are going through changes. and what it looked like in the past, but the organizers of betta breakers have come up with new rules to bring in all the action next year.
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investors ended the week on wall street on a positive note, growing earning reports such as oracle sent text shares higher helping to extend a rally that has lasted through much of september. take a look at the numbers, the dow was up about 13 months. the nasdaq picked up about 12. the state employment development department said the
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unemployment rate grew from 12.3% in july to 12.4% in august. those numbers translate to more than 2,200,000 californians without a job. labor department figures shows that california has the third highest unemployment rate behind nevada and michigan. two people have filed a lawsuit over a priest accused of child abuse. fredrick mckay was living here in alameda when he surrendered to authorities to face extradition back to ireland. the current lawsuit, an identical one filed last month says the archdiocese was a
5:40 pm
child molestic when he was accepted here. -- they are expected to meet with top officials to convince them more needs to be done to stop distract driving. the betta breakers race will be different next year. alcohol and floats will be banned at next year's race. they plan to throw out people who don't register and wear their race number. also the number of people who are allowed to register will be capped at about 50,000. the new rules were agreed upon yesterday after organizers met with the mayor's office, neighborhood groups and police. san francisco mayor gavin newsom announced that the city is spending 68 million for improving streets. cesar chavez will be the first to get work. other funds will be spent on replacing pavement and curbs
5:41 pm
throughout the city. the money comes from federal and state grants and bonds passed by state voters. two groups planted themselves in the parking spaces along felt street in san francisco. the groups known as fix fell and the wig party began their protest at noon and they plan to be there until 7:00 tonight. the protesters say more needs to be done to fell street to make it safer for bicyclists. before you reach for your kids' cereal do you read the ingredients. and what is die five? we'll tell you about it. and what's we have coming up for the weekend, what you'll need to do to stay dry. san francisco restaurant
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workers call for a massive overhaul in the way they're treated. many of them live in extremely tight quarters in places like this. more details in the deadly incident involving five bay area high school students and the discovery that may help explain what went wrong, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. south of lared there's a place... so hot, rattlesnakes combust. ♪
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but we go, cause yaotta eat bold. [ male announcer subway fiery footlong subs. thbold-acious new turk jalapeño melt and bualo chicken. bway. eat bold!
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researchers think they found a link between hyper activity disorder and dyes that are used in foods. but some say it's the nutritional value of the food not the color that parents should be concerned about. john fowler has our report. >> reporter: hyper activity, diagnosed in more and more children. some say linked to brightly colored sugary foods. >> when he has it he's so irritable, almost unmanageable. >> reporter: look on the grocery shelf on label after label, color and number. food dies most made from petroleum are subject to a
5:45 pm
lower standards of safety than other additives. >> a lot of kids stuff, because they want to give it that flashy color. >> reporter: some food dyes are natural, made from paprika and insect parts. >> we're actually poisoning our children. >> reporter: she points to numerous studies in children linking hyper activity with food dyes. scientists say dyes are likely a small part but their effects may be cumulative. >> maybe after some time this accumulation can cause a reactivity that is being seen with these kids. >> getting rid of food dyes is the one thing that we know would help reduce the problem. >> reporter: new rules in europe require most dyed foods carry a label. the international food council
5:46 pm
declined comment on that. but a council scientist told me that food dyes concerns are mistakes. and that lack of physical exercise are bigger risks. >> it's sad that the companies aren't voluntarily protecting the health of their customers. >> reporter: the center for science in the public interest is calling for a federally funded study and a congressional investigation. health and science editor, john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. former astronomer crist is using his celebrity to remind men that they too can get breast cancer. he's holding a walk-thon to raise awareness. he's urging men nationwide to hold their own fundraisers. between 2,000 to 5,000 men in the united states get breast cancer. coming up next at 6:00, it's one of the biggest tourist attractions in the bay area.
5:47 pm
but tonight there's allegations that workers there are seriously being taken advantage of. julie haener is in the newsroom with more stories we're working on for you. >> and we have new details on that car filled with high school students that crashed. students at one bay area school will be paying extra attention to a player from the dallas maverick, we'll explain the connection. and colbert and stewart is going to be holding rallies. stewart is calling his rally,
5:48 pm
rally to restore sanity. and colbert's rally is named, march to sanity. we go outside, here's the system i'm tracking. it's unusual, still summer. we're still in the weekend, the last weekend of the summer. we have a system like this, the main part of it is going to be in the northern part of the state. we'll see drizzle perhaps tomorrow and then sprinkles on saturday. so here's how it breaks out. today was humid, it was warm. check out concord 83, santa rosa 81. despite the drizzle, it was warm. tomorrow it's going to be warm as well. and this system, will spread clouds over the area. it'll also keep things humid around here and there might be some drizzle. tomorrow is not a bad day. you'll get stuff done tomorrow. i think tomorrow will be a lot
5:49 pm
like today actually. sunday is the day when the showers get in here. here's saturday. looks good. partly to mostly cloudy ahead of this. as this system moves through, for the bulk of the bay area right through the heart of it, santa rosa maybe 3/4 of an -- not .25, .5 an inch of rain. forecast and the computer model. i talked about this earlier. here we are saturday, 6:00 p.m., it's all lined up but it's all north of here. the winds are swinging through. saturday night, the air starts to move on sunday. this lobe wants to slide through. looks like drizzle here, sprinkles here and then that's the bulk of it. the main event is going to be around noon on sunday. and then just kind of slides out of here. sunday afternoon i think we'll see some clearing. so again, this is nuisance stuff. the giants game, they might
5:50 pm
have a rain delay. i don't think it'll be a rain out. but they might have a rain delay. the forecast tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. there's close everywhere. 9:00 9:00a.m., clouds everywhere. friday, you're going to get stuff done, you might just have an umbrella in the car, a jacket in the car because you might get a sprinkle on you. 69 san mateo tomorrow, yeah it's muggy out there. a lot of humidity, a lot of moisture in the air. mild kind of weather pattern. and last weekend of summer looks like, well winter. >> just seems like more unusual weather after what has been an unusual summer. >> and you just know this is going to be an unusual winter. you just know. looking at all the weather tracks, it is going to be an unusual winter there's no question about it. >> when you say unusual what do you mean. >> i think it's going to be wet. even though this is a la nina year, if it's there, when tomorrows start to get into the
5:51 pm
region it's going to be a wet winter. >> back to sunday now, a lot of people are nervous about this rain but many people say it's not a gully washer. it's just because it's now -- >> if you go to the giants rain, it's a big game. because they are in it now, it's crucial. but they're not going to rain out the game. >> thank you, bill. benow know that the effort to rescue 33 trapped miners in chile has reached a key milestone. crews say they have now drilled a hole all the way to the cavern to where the miners are. the miners will have to help by clearing tons of debris that falls through the hole during the drilling process. a final rescue is still more than six weeks away. well a dad just lets lose
5:52 pm
on a school bus and his tirade is caught on tape. >> everybody sit down. show me which one. >> he says that he was just defending his daughter. why what he said went too far.
5:53 pm
you inle, they iale. millions of children continue to be exposed to sendhand smoke.
5:54 pm
condhand smoke causes thma, a disease that cannobe cured. protect ur loved ones. in turkey, some incredible video of a toddler who wandered
5:55 pm
on to a busy highway. security cameras, there you see it. show the boy inches closer to oncoming traffic. it appears many drivers did not see the toddler. the toddler's mother says she left him sleeping under the bushes and didn't realize he had woken up and then wandered off. fortunately the boy wasn't hurt. the mother was detained and questioned by police after she rescued the boy from the traffic. well a father's angry tirade caught on camera. it happened in florida but parents everywhere could be faced with the same situation. the question here, is what you do when your child is being bullied. well, here's one man's answer. >> reporter: when 43-year-old james jones bonded out of jail he says he is at fault for storming on to a sanford school bus. >> it's a mistake, i made a mistake. i'm trying to pay for that. i'm worried about my daughter, that's all i'm worried about.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: the man says he was sticking up for his daughter. jones was looking for the students he says put open condoms on his mother's head, smacked her on the back of her head, his daughter points him in the right direction. >> that's my daughter and i will kill -- [ bleep ] >> one 13-year-old says jones was yelling at him and his friends. >> reporter: his mother is angry. >> i was upset to the point i wanted to cry. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says he should have called them before he did this. >> if you mess with my daughter i'm going to [ bleep ] you up. >> reporter: the man says he did report the alleged bullying, authorities though say that there is no record of that. jones is being charged with disturbing a school function. today he is out on bond.
5:57 pm
ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next. san francisco restaurant workers call for a massive overhaul in the way they are treated. many of them live in extremely tight quarters in places like this.
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we have just received new information about a horrific crash in the north bay involving a car filled with high school students, we'll tell you who has been arrested. also ahead, one of the bay area's biggest tourist destinations is in the spotlight tonight and not for a good reason. what workers there say is happening and what needs to change. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with new information just coming in about that deadly car crash involving high school students. we have just learned that an arrest has been made in that case. the accident happened on nevado boulevard and sutro avenue. one teenager was killed, two others were seriously injured. allie rasmus is live with more on the arrest and the information. >> reporter: we st

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